Dance Theatre of Orange

What We Stand For


We are passionate about students gaining fundamental dance technique. As students progress through the grades, they ACHIEVE a sound technical and artistic grounding in relevant, safe dance vocabulary.

Age Appropriate

We are passionate about keeping children children. Students dance to music with AGE-APPROPRIATE lyrics and themes; perform movements that align with safe dance practice and good taste; and wear costumes that make them feel special while ensuring their modesty.


While being a NON-COMPETITIVE school, students still feel the thrill of accomplishment through performing at their best and achieving their goals while not detracting from others or putting others down.


We are passionate about being RESPECTFUL. This includes respecting fellow dancers, teachers, uniforms, equipment and the studio community.


We are passionate about keeping it real! We are practical in our approach to teaching, costumes, uniform and the dance industry. We are genuine and SINCERE with our approach, words, interactions and teaching moments.

"Forget the ‘Dance Mom’ horrors, DTO is a friendly welcoming studio where the excellent teachers concentrate on dance technique and ensuring each student reaches their full potential."


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