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Who Leads the Way

Marianne Bankovic, RAD Rts, ISTD Ass Dip Modern, Ass Dip Tap, Principal

After learning dance in Orange during her school years, Marianne then studied full time dance in Sydney. Completing one year of full time studies lead to Marianne gaining her first professional job, continuing to perform professionally for six years. This included regular appearances on Nine’s ‘The Midday Show’, representation by Mannequin The Agency (now known as Jeep Management), tours of Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia, and performing at the Moulin Rouge, Paris.

At age 20, Marianne attained her first teaching qualification, the ISTD Associate of Modern Theatre Dance. In conjunction with her full time performing career, she studied to further her teaching qualifications, gaining RAD Teaching Certificate, RAD Teaching Diploma (now-defunct), ISTD Associate Tap, ISTD Associate Diploma Modern Theatre and ISTD Associate Diploma Tap, all by 24 years of age. Marianne gained regular employment teaching at various part time and full time schools across Sydney.

In the year 2000, Marianne returned to Orange and opened the Dance Theatre of Orange. The catalyst for opening was Marianne’s unfulfilled pursuit of a dance environment in which students could learn without the competition, judgement and excessiveness of the industry.

Marianne sought further training in the teaching of RAD Ballet, which began two years of weekly trips to Sydney to study the ‘Original Teacher’s Course’ with Hilary Kaplan and Archibald McKenzie at Alegria.

While continuing to run the Dance Theatre of Orange, Marianne is constantly furthering her teaching knowledge, skills and qualifications by frequently attending teaching courses in ballet, modern and tap in NSW and across Australia.

Isabella Bankovic, ISTD Assoc, Teacher

Having grown up in the Dance Theatre of Orange, Isabella exemplified the values of the school prior to gaining her teacher status. Being a teaching assistant under Marianne in all after school classes until age 17, she learned valuable teaching methods and syllabus requirements, well preparing her for a teaching position.

Throughout senior high school, Isabella completed all of her first level teaching examinations in RAD Ballet, ISTD Modern Theatre and ISTD Tap. She further studied her advanced student levels during this time, gaining her ISTD Advanced 1 Modern and Tap, shortly followed by Advanced 2 level ISTD Tap.

From 2015-2016, Isabella taught part time at Dance Theatre of Orange, combining her experience within the school and private teaching with her studies. After completing the HSC in 2016, Isabella committed full time to both a teaching and administration assistant role at Dance Theatre of Orange.

Having trained primarily through Marianne and Dance Theatre of Orange, Isabella also regularly attended courses and workshops by internationally recognised dance educators in ballet, modern and tap.

At age 19, Isabella gained her ISTD Associate teaching status. She continues to attend teaching courses and build upon her teaching knowledge and is working towards gaining further teaching qualifications.

"My daughter has been under the guidance and inspirational direction of Marianne at the Dance Theatre of Orange for over thirteen years. I have no doubt that the love, advice, leadership, discipline and life lessons provided and shared by Marianne have been critical influences in the shaping of Annabelle as a person. She has not only learnt skills for the rest of her life through her ballet, tap and modern dancing, but so much more as well."


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