Dance Theatre of Orange


"After trying two other dance schools, DTO ticked all the boxes for me – one fantastic annual concert with fabulous and appropriate costumes, exams which are optional but which demand teaching to an exceptional standard and no expensive and weekend-consuming eisteddfod's to contend with. My girls love their dance lessons at DTO and are motivated to put in an impressive effort without being stressed about it. I would recommend DTO to anyone."

"Forget the "Dance Mom" horrors, DTO is a friendly welcoming studio where the excellent teachers concentrate on dance technique and ensuring each student reaches their full potential."

"My daughter has been dancing with DTO for thirteen years now. The benefits under Marianne's friendly style of tutelage extend far beyond just learning great dance technique and interpretation. She has learnt poise, strength of character, healthy body image, resilience and respect in a caring and fun environment. Highly recommended!"

"The enthusiastic and inclusive atmosphere at the Dance Theatre of Orange encourages and inspires girl and boys, young and old to achieve beyond our dreams. I can't wait to get to dancing each week, and I am very proud of everything that I have achieved over many years with Miss Marianne. For any young girl or boy who is keen to learn about dancing, there is no better place in the Central West to begin or continue your dancing journey than the Dance Theatre of Orange. Miss Marianne is a wonderful friend and an exceptional teacher."

"My daughter has been under the guidance and inspirational direction of Marianne at the Dance Theatre of Orange for over thirteen years. I have no doubt that the love, advice, leadership, discipline and life lessons provided and shared by Marianne have been critical influences in the shaping of Annabelle as a person. She has not only learnt skills for the rest of her life through her ballet, tap and modern dancing, but so much more as well."

"Our daughter started with Dance Theatre of Orange when she was 4 years old. Over the years we have grown as a family with Miss Marianne, the teachers and students of Dance Theatre Orange. It is a safe and nurturing environment where every student is provided the opportunity from highly qualified and skilled teachers to learn and enjoy dance whilst being supported and encouraged to be the best that they can be.

The annual concert is a particular highlight of the year and Miss Marianne's natural ability for choreography and commitment ensuring that every student is given the opportunity to shine makes this an excellent experience for the students to participate and is immensely enjoyable.

We would definitely recommend Dance Theatre of Orange to anyone looking for a school that focuses on developing and supporting student's abilities and dance technique, has an energetic attitude, provides highly qualified and caring teachers and offers a welcoming and friendly environment."