Dance Theatre of Orange

Frequently Asked Questions

My child would really like to dance but I don’t know how to go about it.

Get in touch with us via your preferred method and we can discuss with you the best direction specific to your child’s age, experience and interests.

How do I know which programme is best for my child?

Your child may need to participate in trial classes for ballet, modern and tap to determine which style is preferred. With some students one style stands out, with other students two or three styles are equally fun.
Preschool and Kindergarten aged students experience all three styles in their weekly class.
With families being increasingly busy, lessons are timetabled to allow students who wish to participate in two or three different dance styles to do so with ease.

What should my child wear for a trial lesson?

Children should wear any leotard/dance gear they may own or t-shirt and shorts/leggings. For trial of modern or ballet, students need bare feet and for tap, hard soled shoes such as school shoes or sandals.

Can I watch?

Parents may sit in on their child’s trial lesson should the child need you for security and confidence.
Parents of Tiny Tot aged students may sit in class for as long as their child needs them.

How do I enrol?

Click here to complete an online enrolment form, or enrol in person at the end of your trial lesson.

What is the DTO uniform?

Click here for uniform requirements.

Where do I get the uniform?

To buy new, Kingfisher School Gear (located across the road) stocks our dance uniform. We also have a 2nd hand clothing pool which may have suitable items.

Does my child have to do exams?

All training is given to an exam standard to ensure technical proficiency and safe dance practice. Many students enjoy partaking in exams, however they are never compulsory.

What do I wear for adult lessons?

Wear clothing similar to gym wear. Your clothing needs to allow you to move freely, so something with a bit of stretch, such as leggings and a t-shirt is ideal.

How do I pay?

You will be given an invoice on your/your child’s first lesson. This is due within 4 weeks.
Payment can be made by cash or direct deposit.

Do you accept the NSW government’s Active and Creative Kids vouchers?

Yes, we are an Active Kids and Creative Kids registered provider.

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